About Koru Clinic
I am a naturopathic doctor who has been serving patients at Koru Clinic in Burlington, ON since 2008.
about koru wellness clinic

Hi and welcome to Koru Clinic. I am Dr. Joanna Sparrow, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopath committed to your health and well being.

Achieving optimal health is a journey and it was my journey that led me towards naturopathic medicine as a career. Growing up I was involved in competitive synchronized swimming, here in Burlington and during my university years swam with the McMaster varsity swim team. The demands of an intense training schedule coupled with school and other commitments often left me vulnerable to chronic infections as well as injuries. Conventional treatment of these problems did not create sustained health and I began to search for more options to prevent further insult to my body. Working with natural health products, acupuncture, bodywork and diet and lifestyle changes all contributed to my improved overall health. When I discovered that naturopathic medicine combined all the modalities that I had found to benefit me I knew I had to become a naturopathic doctor.

I opened Koru Clinic in March of 2008. The name was inspired by our time living in New Zealand, as the “koru” represents new beginnings, hope for the future and growth. I have a family based practice offering health care to women, men, children and teens. I am also credentialed by the North American Menopause Society as a Menopause Practitioner. I am passionate about teaching people how they can improve their health and I am continually inspired by my patients’ commitment to change.

I believe that we have many options available to us in Ontario to address our health care needs. Naturopathic medicine is a great choice for those of us wanting to take control of our own health. It is my goal to share my knowledge with you so that you too can begin your journey to optimal health.