Naturopathic Programs

Naturopathic Programs, Burlington, ON
I offer naturopathic programs in Burlington, ON that can help you achieve an optimal level of health.

Naturopathic Programs, Burlington, ONNaturopathic medicine uses natural remedies and places a heavy emphasis on prevention, sustained optimal health, and individualized treatment options. At Koru Clinic, I offer naturopathic programs that can help you achieve this optimal level of health. When I offer naturopathic treatment options, I focus on each patient as a whole, instead of just looking at a specific condition or health problem. I will look at how you live your life and how this might contribute to the overall health and well-being that you experience each day. I also enjoy teaching my patients about a variety of wellness-related topics, such as nutrition, exercise, home environment, and psychological stress.

One of the most important steps in my naturopathic programs is making sure that you feel prepared to make small, important, and practical changes in your daily routine. I never want you to feel overwhelmed, so we will move at a pace that works for you. I enjoy talking to patients about their lives, so I can have a better understanding of what you are dealing with each day, whether that includes family life demands, work demands, or other important issues. If you are expecting a baby, I love working with pregnant women and helping you have the healthiest child possible.

In addition to naturopathic programs, I also offer nutritional assessment, including food sensitivity testing; lab services, including blood and urine analysis; and more. My clinic is conveniently located in Burlington, Ontario, and I would love to start working with you to create a wellness plan that will help you achieve your own personal goals for health.

Our naturopathic programs include:

Healthy Babies—The focus of my healthy babies program is to help you create the healthiest baby possible during pregnancy. During the course of this program, I will work with you to nourish you and your baby throughout all stages of your pregnancy, help you work towards achieving your desired method of labour and delivery, and provide support to both you and your new baby post-delivery.

Koru Kids—I believe it’s never too early to start developing healthy habits. The purpose of my Koru Kids program is to help your children implement healthy lifestyle and eating habits; correct current or future imbalances, like ear infections, constipation, and the common cold;and support growth and development naturally.

Wise Women—During menopause, the demands of your busy lifestyle can prevent you from taking proper care of yourself. The focus of my Wise Women program is to nurture your body in preparation for the menopausal transition and to help you prepare your body for post-menopause.

Wellness Routine—The purpose of my Wellness Routine program is to help you adapt beneficial diet and lifestyle choices into your daily life, so you are able to achieve all of your health and wellness goals. When you turn to Koru Clinic, I will assess your current health, suggest where changes can be made, and provide continual support and encouragement.